7 Tips For Recruiting The Next Generation Of Finance And Accounting Professionals

Accounting and finance department form the core of every company. These are the people that monitor every penny that comes in and goes out of the organization.

So accounting is a work of someone who is very precise with things and task, someone who has an eye for details. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose thousands of dollars just because some careless fellow added a zero in expenses instead of profits. Thus, you need to be really careful while recruiting for the posts in the accounting department. Hire the services of the best of the accounting headhunters to recruit for your company.

Recruiting is an art and finding a suitable person for a particular job especially accounting heads and professionals can be really tough. It is not something to be handled by a rookie. That’s is why we have, separately established recruiting agencies, recruiting department, etc where thousand of accounting headhunters work. If you are also looking to recruit accounting professionals, then you can rely on these skilled and experienced recruiters to get things done for you.

We often get to hear that while recruiting always go for the candidate who is more experienced in the field. However, you must keep in mind if you only recruit the experienced candidate then your company will be drained of the young workforce. Yes, an experienced employee will be more efficient, however, next-generation professionals prove to be more beneficial for the long run.

To add more such tips to your kitty here we are going to discuss the top 7 Tips for Recruiting the Next Generation of l and Accounting Professionals.

Communication Skills

It’s very important that every accountant professional you hire must have good communication skills. An accountant has to communicate with a various department, collect data and work on it. A crucial thing you need to understand here is that everyone working with you that is your colleagues might not be as good as you with numbers, worst case scenario they might not understand it at all. So you should be able to explain to them all the math, calculation and statistics in simple language.

Now as an accountant your hired employee has to work within an organization, so your chosen candidate must be well versed in communication through official emails, person to person and official meetings, have good speaking skills for presentation, etc. Relaying information to others is a major part of any employee daily job.

Although it is a fact that every recruiter while recruiting prioritize technical skills, however, you must not forget about communication skills. If your candidate is not even able to convey what he wants to say properly then he/she won’t survive in a corporation even a week.

Leadership Qualities

An accounting professional must be ambitious and confident enough to handle big projects, campaigns, etc. As a recruiter, you must look for leadership qualities in a candidate, as at a certain point every accounting professional might need them.

You might think that an accountant’s day to day work includes only computing and accounting, but there are certain moments when the accountant might need to motivate and engage with team members. You would not like to work with someone who might back down at this point.

Also, accounting department heads are expected to put forward different new and fresh ideas to benefit the company and clients as well. Thus the accountant might need to engage with his team to sort these types of issues out. And someone without leadership quality won’t be able to handle it. So make sure that your candidate posses apt leadership qualities.

Employee Referrals

Most of the recruiters take referrals for granted. However, referrals have been the most successful form of hiring millennials and exceptionally talented young generation professionals. You can undertake an employee referral campaign. But before that, you need to know how a referral program can do wonders. So look at the following points-

⦁ Employee referrals generate a greater percentage of hires

⦁ Employee referrals have a less than 7 percent job application ration. However, when it comes to hires almost 40 percent of all hires are generally employee referrals.

⦁ Compared to others, employee referrals tends to stay longer in the company.

So make sure to check out any referrals your employee suggest you next time. Who knows maybe you land on a goldmine.

Tie-Ups With Universities

Now since we are recruiting the young talent of the accounting and financial industry. It becomes pretty obvious for your company to have tie-ups with at least one university, institute or an individual college. This way you will be the first to approach these young and potential candidates.

Also, this allows you to undertake various college campaign and make students aware and familiar with your company’s work environment. This can be simply done by organizing various college campus drives, campaign, and seminars.

Use Modern Platforms

The younger generation uses modern ways to find their job. They make use of online platforms such as LinkedIn, Naukri.com, etc. So you need to adapt your recruiting methods accordingly. To survive in this harsh competition you must adapt accordingly.

Approach The Exceptional Candidates

Exceptionally skilled, talented and hard-working candidates are what we are looking for. Like we mentioned before that you need to have tie-ups with colleges and institutes so that you can approach their students first. Now in this crowd must look for the young exceptionals and if you are lucky enough to find one, then never let him go. Offer good package and introduce them to your prestige working environment. These cases are pretty rare however there is always one student in every institution that worth looking for.

Technical Knowledge

There are various stages in the recruitment process. However, in the last interview process, you must test your candidate based on relevant knowledge. Never hire someone with a doubt in your mind, carefully examine and test your candidate in front of a proper recruiting panel. Make sure that your candidate is confident and have precise computational skills, is properly organized, etc.

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