Why HR Is Very Essential For Business Success?

The HR department is a must for all types of organizations whether small, medium, or large. The HR department has many duties, which it performs in order to satisfy the employees, controls the budget, arranges training and development of employees and many other duties. The main duties of HR have been detailed here.

Budget Control

The HR department plans to trim various costs of the organization in order to increase its profit. The organization provides various benefits to the employees and the HR department has to negotiate better rates. These benefits include health insurance provided to the employees. The HR department also studies various market trends to know about the industries and decides whether the salary given to the employees are competitive or not.

Employee Satisfaction

The HR department has the responsibility to ensure that all the employees of the organization including those working in the HR department are satisfied with their jobs. The HR should take care of whether the employees are satisfied with their supervisors, duties assigned, and other aspects related to their job, peers, other colleagues, management, etc. For this reason, HR holds surveys to find out the reasons behind employee dissatisfaction and tries to resolve the issue in order to satisfy the employee. The HR also tracks if an employee has low morale and is not motivated. The department resolves such issues to motivate the employees and make them productive and efficient.

Training and Development

HR department arranges HR Generalist Training in Delhi if some employees need training in order to complete their project or module. Though employees are hired based on their qualification, skill, and experience, still sometimes there is a need for training of the employees especially if they have to use a new technology. Also, if the company is expanding, then training may be needed for the employees to cope up with the expansion. If more talented employees are hired, then it becomes a burden on the organization but if the existing employees are trained then it will be less expensive as existing employees can train their juniors or a trainer can be called from outside for training sessions.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in an organization can occur at any time whether it can be between manager and co-workers, between co-workers, between management and employees, and many other types of conflicts. The HR department has the responsibility of resolving the issues in order to bring a peaceful environment in the organization. The HR Manager should have the capability to resolve the issues by handling relations between employees and resolve the conflict. This can increase the morale of the employees and they may get motivated to work more efficiently.

Performance Improvement

The HR department has to take care of the performance of each employee so it has to develop a performance management system. If such a system is not there, then employees may get dissatisfied because it may happen that the job they are doing is not up to the level of their expertise. This may also lead to deteriorating the performance of the employees and he may be sacked due to this.

Strategy Management

HR department suggests the management how human capital will affect the organizational goal. The department plans and makes decisions of recruiting more people if required and also satisfy the current employees.

Wages and Salaries

They have the role of structuring the wage and salary system of the employees according to their designation. The salaries and wages are decided according to the current industry trends in the market. In order to do this, they conduct surveys of the market to know the salary provided by various industries and make note that the company is providing the same to their employees.

Office Culture

HR department takes care of the office culture and environment. They should be flexible regarding the dressing of the employees along with the working hours, and other matters related to the workplace. HR has the duty of maintaining a healthy environment so that employees can work efficiently.

Staff Recruitment

An organization needs such a staff that should work efficiently in a professional way so as to attain the organizational goal. The HR department has the full responsibility to hunt for talented people and recruit them in the organization for all open positions. HR cannot do it alone and have to take the help of managers because managers know what type of people they need for the position. HR should seek people for the required position and ask the managers to interview them.

Employee Benefits and Perks

They should take care of the benefits and perks given to employees. HR staff is also given the responsibilities to decide the salary of the employees for the open positions. Besides this, employees should also be given the benefit of insurance, holidays, paid leaves, transportation, and other benefits.

Safety and Risk Management

They have the responsibility of providing a safe working environment to their employees. The department has to maintain logs and records as per the laws of the country. This will help to reduce injuries and fatalities in the organization. They promote awareness and safety while using any dangerous equipment.

Liability Issues

HR department has relation specialists who try to minimize the exposure of unfair employment practices. They also help to investigate and resolve those issues that were unattended for a few days or months. The department also takes care in the legal matters that are related to discrimination and harassment laws.

Training and Development

The Department takes care about the orientation of a new employee in the organization. In this way they want to make strong the employer-employee relationship. Training and development programs are held by the HR department is also included in this relation. This training helps the employees to learn managerial and supervisory skills.

Employee Satisfaction

Another part of the department is employee relations specialists whose responsibility is to make the employer-employee relation strong. They do this by increasing morale and employee satisfaction in the organization. They do this by conducting surveys and one-to-one interview with the employees to know their problems and resolve them. They also suggest the employer the ways to make good relationship with the employees and sustain them.

Maintaining Compliance

HR also has the responsibility to make sure that the rules of the organization comply with federal laws. The department has to collect and manage employee’s paperwork and have to be prepared that the employees are eligible to work.
If HR is not present in an organization, then following things may happen.

• The hiring process will become poor.

• The benefits given to the employees will not be managed properly.

• Employees will be unhappy with the organization and may leave it. In this way, the organization will lose talented and hard-working employees.

• The work environment of the organization will not be good due to bad relationship between coworkers or between employer and employees and this may be injurious to their health as there will much stress.


The presence of HR department in an organization is a must as it organizes everything and helps the organization to run smoothly. The recruitment procedure becomes easy and employee-employer relation is sustained. Besides these, employees get trained to serve supervisor and managerial roles. So HR is a must in every organization.

Nishant Agarwal is a faculty at HR Training Institute in Delhi with an experience of 8 years now. He writes articles on HR topics as hobby. He has immense knowledge on this topic and here is an article by him Why HR Is Very Essential For Business Success?

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