5 Practical Tips To Recognize As Most Wanted Candidates In Job World

Every employer has experience with every kind of candidates be it good, bad or amazing. But their eyes always hunting for amazing one. Why so? Which quality appeals them the most that being an experienced employer of the most reputed company he gets so impressed that his demand for appointing good candidate is getting out of control? Why is he not ready to be satisfied with the average candidate? It seems that now you do also want to know which quality of job seeker cover him under the list of most wanted pretendent among employers? Is it right? Well, this is the truth that companies are now getting choosy with a good one. Even though the job market seems to have 1000s of people wanting jobs, the reality is, only a few of applicant would fit into the ‘Most-wanted’ category with all the desirable qualities. Here is a list of practical tips on how you can become that ‘Most-wanted’ candidate.

Now, when you have understood how curiously your dream company looking to hire only good employees who can make him feel like “yes, he is the only one”, it is time to know about the expectation of recruiter that compel them to get choosy with good applicant only. Once you understand their expectation you are ready to be the king of job world where you get a job at your condition and company will happily offer you the same.

Tips to become a Most Wanted candidate in the job market

1. Be A Specialist

Being ‘Jack of all trade and Master of none’ is not a desirable quality in a job market. Generalists are important and are have some demand, but they are not the most-wanted. Specialist is always in high demand. You should be known in the job market for something unique.

Practical Action Points:

● Try to figure out one area that you like to specialize in (and that should be something that is also in demand)

● Once you pick out your area, find out if you can get certified in that area by doing a special course or online certification

● Highlight it in your resume

2. Be Bold & Confident

Economies are growing and companies are looking for more bold and confident perspectives who can be part of their team. Confidence shows how affirmed you are about your work. This can make you call as a most-wanted candidate for the position you always desired for and can increase your value in the job market.

Practical Action Points:

● List down any mental fears that might be holding you from being bold

● Get feedback from friends and family about your boldness level

● Get professional help if feel the need

● Keep your motivation levels high

3. Be Open Minded

Life is full of surprises. Work-life is no exception, it is filled with constant changes and surprises. So companies look for a certain degree of ‘open-mindedness’ in candidates to deal with change. Being open to change, to new ideas, to new approaches and new opportunities can make you a most-wanted employee.

Practical Action Points:

● Travel more – Traveling opens your mind to new cultures and perspectives

● Relax more – Always being stressed could reduce your open-mindedness.

● Always raise your voice when you feel the need

4. Be Honest & have Integrity

This is one quality that can help you become a ‘Most wanted’ in any job sector. The corporate world is a small world and word travels very fast. When you are looking for a job, your honesty and integrity can be key factors that can land you in a good job opening even if you are not completely qualified or experienced. Reputation and trust in the market are key factors that good organizations look for.

Practical Action Points:

● In your CV or in the Interviews, be open and share the facts as they are

● Inherit that you will make honesty and integrity a part of your everyday life

● Stay loyal to everyone.

We have heard many times that “honesty is the best policy” and having this trait in you will keep you ahead of your competitors. This is one of the most effective tips to ace your interview session and get the job without losing your dignity or with something that raises question on your morals.

5. Be Visionary

Organisations look for people who can have a purpose and vision not only for their own work life but also for the department, their company and their area of work. That’s because businesses profit when they are able to predict the future and build products and services accordingly. Here is a list of practical tips to help you become a visionary.

Practical Action Points:

● Reading can help you get various perspectives and develop a vision

● Be positive – Negativity kills creativity.

● Remove fear of failure – Most people fear failure and do not dare to envision a radical future.

Above all, it is your character, which is the sum total of all your original qualities that reflect who you are in actually, that will have more impact to the employer. Remove fear of failure from your heart and dream impossible dreams! Hope now your career get the right direction where to start with.  All the best for your career!

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