Job Oriented Courses After 12th for Science, Commerce & Arts

Wondering what do after 12th? Looking for the best job oriented courses after 12th so taht you just start your professional course without waiting much? Congratulations! You are the Best Possible Place!

Gone are the times when your hobby was not paying you enough and it was not considered as a professional course. Now, your hobby gives you enough money that can give you a stable or sometimes more than a stable life.

That is why, here, we are telling you some job oriented courses after 12th that can give you a bright future forward.

Best Job Oriented Courses After 12th

1 – Digital Marketing (Common Course for Science, Arts, Commerce after 12th)

Digital Marketing Course after 12th is the best possible option if you want to work in IT industry! In simple terms, it is marketing of business, service or product through the electronic/ Digital media. It carries various subfields in it such as- SEO, SMM, SMO, Content Writing, Awards, Analytics, Graphic Designing, Youtube Marketing etc.

It is also said about Digital Marketing that you can find every of your interest here. If you like writing, you can create a blog and promote it with the help of Internet Marketing. If you like Graphic or website designing, it’s also there. Even if you like acting, singing or dancing, you can create a youtube channel and effectively promote it with the help of Youtube Marketing.

There is everything related to your interest.

It is also now considered as a Job Oriented Course after 12th as it offers quite a good salary package. This field also provides an opportunity of doing freelancing or initiating your own startup just after the course.

However, if you wanna be a salaried employee in this field, there is a variety of salary package according to the different job profiles. So, if you are really interested in this, find the best digital marketing institute and start a course today!

Position Salary
Digital Marketing Manager Rs 191,783 – Rs 1,159,600
SEO Manager Rs 159,911 – Rs 878,122
SEM/PPC expert Rs 216,388 – Rs 728,848
Social Media Manager Rs 178,894 – Rs 713,771
Content Manager Rs 222,891 – Rs 994,161
Content Writer Rs 120,272 – Rs 479,995
Web Designer Rs 107,080 – Rs 522,133

2 – Engineering (Course for PCM students After 12th)

There has been a lot of negativity about this field for a time. However, it’s not true. People think they get admission in an engineering college, will do chill and when they get out of it, they will be engineers. Well, that’s not things work.

If you have not worked at all in four years and never tried to learn anything new or old, you obviously not gonna get anything after the course.

Join a good college and it’s okay if you are not getting IIT & NIT, even in other colleges if you give some time to things which can actually make your career and interests you, you will obviously get great future onwards.

However, after 12th, you must think twice before choosing your Engineering branch because it’s not always correct what others say you should choose. So, think of your interest and then choose a correct branch for yourself.

Salary in Engineering is quite high if you have knowledge. Although the freshers could get initial salary according to their skills such as-

Branch Expected Salary
Computer Science Engineering Rs. 2.4 Lacs to Rs. 1 Crore per annum
Mechanical Engineering Rs. 1.8 Lacs to Rs. 5 Lacs per annum
Civil Engineering Rs. 3 Lacs to Rs. 5 Lacs per annum
Electrical Engineering Rs. 1.8 Lacs to Rs. 4.5 Lacs per annum
Electronics & Communication Engineering Rs. 1.5 lacks to Rs. 3.5 Lacs per annum


3 – Medical (Course for PCB Students After 12th)

Medical field is a choice of parents for years. If you are from Biology group and are ready to work very hard and make an engrossing career in the medical field, you must clear NEET. Through this, you can do professional courses such as MBBS and BDS. Biotechnology is another option for Biology students after 12th. This field does have a wide scope who want to make their career in medical field. No doubt it is a demanding job but at the same time, it is rewarding also. The doctors are the person who is highly paid, you can earn a lot. However, you must ensure yourself that you like this job as you have to be available all the time, be it day or night and you can’t be frustrated as you will be working as a lifesaver at that time. So, think twice if you can easily handle it or not.

Salary in the Medical sector is very high. It cannot be exactly defined but the salary of a doctor is according to his specialization such as-

Specialization Salary
Radiologists Rs.1.5 -3.5 lakhs
Gynecologist Rs.1 – 2.5 lakhs
Pediatrician Rs.1 – 2  lakhs
Orthopaedician Rs.1 –  2  lakhs
Anesthesia Rs.1 – 2 lakhs
General Physician Rs.1 – 2  lakhs
General Surgery Rs.1 – 1.75 lakhs
Ophthalmologist Rs.80k – 1.75 lakhs
MBBS doctor Rs.35 – 65k based on specialization experience.

4 – Animation and Multimedia (Common Course for Science, Arts, Commerce after 12th)

Everyone loves animated characters, they are cute and far different from our normal life characters. These characters actually don’t exist and they only live in our mind. In this field of Animation and multimedia, you just pull out all those exceptions from your mind make them lively on screen. It can be any picture, any character, any design or any world you think of.

This field is far different from the above fields. However, engineering and Digital Marketing does contain some aspects of it but you will have to do some extra work with these courses.

So, if you are a creative soul who has lots of things in his/ her mind, you must try this course. There are many degree courses available such as- B.Sc (Design-Multimedia), B.Sc (Design-Graphics), B.Design (Multimedia), B.Design (Graphics) etc.

Salary in this field in India is good, though the foreign countries pay really high these people.

Status Expected Salary
Fresher  Rs.8– 12k/ month
Experience of 1 year Rs.20– 25k/ month
Experience of 2 years Rs.25- 40k/ month
Experience of 3 years Rs.40k- 50k/ month
Animation with skilled VFX Rs.60k- 70k/ month at initial
1 or 1.25 lacs/ month afterward


Some Unique Job Oriented Course Unlike the Traditional One

5 – Journalism & Photography (Common course for Science, Arts, Commerce after 12th)

Today’s generation is highly tech-savvy. There is a great opportunity to make your career in journalism and photography.

You can work on a news channel, newspaper, or a magazine as a freelance writer or full-time journalist. If you loved a glamorous life and be a part of it always, Journalism is a good idea. You should have a good sense of humor and strong communication, this field can be all yours. There is a bachelor course available for this field i.e. BJMC(Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication) opens a plethora of opportunities.

In other hands, Photography is the creativity of your views, how you see beauty even in small things and capture it with your camera. Courses for photography is also available.

Journalism and Photography is a totally unique field from what you have learned till now. It also has a great future with a good salary.

The expected Salary in Journalism and Photography is:-

Profession Salary
Fresher Journalist 20k-30k per month
Senior Journalist 60k-1 lac per month
Photographer Rs 121,674 – Rs 993,434 per annum
Average salary of Photographer 353,061 per annum


6 – Travel & Tourism (Common course for Science, Arts, Commerce after 12th)

Someone has said it correctly that if you have to enjoy the life well then pack your luggage and get ready for a tour.

Traveling and roaming today has become a great career option. Every year, millions of people of the world go to various places of the world to roam around. If you are interested in traveling, then travel and tourism can be a great career choice for you. According to the news, India’s travel market will reach $ 48 billion by 2020. Hence there will be many job opportunities available in this field in the coming time. The Incredible India Campaign has taken the attention of the whole world to India. Because of which every tourism sector has got a great rise.

To enter into this field, you must have command on any foreign language or English language. Also, your communication skills should be good.

After doing professional courses in this field, initially, you can earn up to 20 to 25 thousand rupees per month. After a slight increase in experience and understanding of geography, you can earn 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month easily.

We have listed here enough information about some of the best Job Oriented course after 12th. Hope we have succeeded to give a solution to your queries and confusion about the course and career after 12th. Think quietly and then take a decision. All The Best!


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