How You Can Conquer Gap Between Graduation And Full Time Jobs Like A Champ?

The final day of graduation is at the corner and you can’t control your excitement to jump to the full time jobs – a phase where you can flaunt as a professional. But before entering into the real world you must be bombarded with bundle of questions, what’s the plan after completing graduation? If your heart says “focused toward getting a well-reputed job”, you are bound to get some proud moments where you are seriously thinking something very good for your career. Believe it or not the butterflies you feel in your stomach right after attending your convocation will make you more firm to your decision to jump into the real world and start being a member of the workforce

Now that you have a college degree in your hand, you are probably eager to apply all your learning you have acquired during academic sessions whether in terms of theories or practical. However, the harsh truth of today’s job market: landing your dream job as soon as you graduate may not be as easy as we heard from our relatives and families. There are some of us who have been lucky to land directly to their dream job by college placement but still, there is a big percentage of the group left have a couple of gap between graduation and employment.

To deal with that gap efficiently there are some real-world skills you need to gain and some strategies you need to master before starting your real jobs. These are basic tips you might have never learned through books and school and they include:

Build Potential Networking

The day you graduate or can be little before you need to access the tools of effective networking and trust me on this, networking create magic in your career! Learn how to dress in a professional way and know how to gently handshake formal way, attend more of networking intellectual events, and never feel shy to meet new people. One secret I would like to share here is, networking reveals unadvertised job postings! And who knows? It might be one that you dream of!

Don’t Quit Part Time Job

You might have had a part-time job as a receptionist or as a waiter while you were completing your degree. Keep working in that job, and try to have it as a regular job to keep up with your expenses until you didn’t get your dream job. You will eventually reach a point that you are fully independent of your parents and that on its own is a great skill to have. There is an old saying that “vacant mind is a landmark of a devil” so keep working wherever you get the opportunity until you didn’t reach your goals.

Hide The Gap Smartly

As you are focusing to applying for big MNCs jobs which are countless, your time is surely passing and you will reach a point when you have to explain the gaps in between your graduation date and your employment. Never change your statement to fill the gap, which is a huge mistake when you are giving your interview. Gain some real skills that will work in your favor perhaps you can enroll in a training program or volunteering work which convince your employers automatically and finally get your dream job.

Prime Yourself For Job Search

Once you firm your mindset to start looking for a job after college, you will need to create a captivating resume that conveys your skills and the value that you’d bring to a company. Granted, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge this early in your career, but it’s absolutely worth your job hunt. Such resumes are more likely to get shortlisted by hiring managers, thereby increasing your chances of getting selected for the applied job.

Don’t Let Rejection Break Your Confidence

Don’t let that continuous rejection hold you back from applying next. You must stay in the loop and up to date with the industry trends. Things change daily, you skip a day or two, then it goes to a week or two and suddenly you find yourself lost about where the market is going. Stay updated and never lose track even when the road seems full of hurdles. You will get through them all.

Overall, during the frame of the gap between your graduation day and finding the full time jobs, work on yourself and never stop learning. You might even learn some new things about yourself that you haven’t explored ever in your life. Take it as an adventurous journey which makes you more mature and better prepared you for the job. So now, let me wish you the best of luck in your journey, hopefully, you can too fill this gap soon.


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