Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses Could Propel Your Career to New Heights


Each human being has some strengths and weakness in personality throughout the evolution of the entire civilization. If someone has awareness regarding own pros and cons in professional life or student life, it makes the journey of academic and professional career easy.


In universities, we receive a list of course titles or subjects to prepare and collect the books recommended or valid for that campus. We go through literature to learn the given subject or course and prepare for the examinations held by the college or university.

The exam is about assessing our learning abilities of literary knowledge. With results of exams, you can gauge your academic capabilities, but what about your external or worldly knowledge to face real-world scenarios in out of campus life?

It is your personal development aspects that you have to deal with in the personal and professional life and bearing the challenges once you start your career after leaving the university. You have to face job interviews where a lot of things will be considered including your strengths and weakness.

In a book The Power Seat, Christina Nepstad has made a right statement about the ratio of strength and weakness of a job seeker. She presented 80/20 model where 80% should lose your strength and 20% your weakness.

Yep, none is 100% powerful or without any weakness on the planet!

Why Should You Know Your Strength and Weakness?

The correct and better understanding of your strength and weakness grants you several benefits in your academic and professional career. For example,

● It gives a better understanding of yourself and the way you function.

● Knowing your strength gives you the ideas where are leading in your competitions.

● It helps you in the selection of right career options accordingly. It means you can narrow down your job options based on where you are good while applying for online jobs or through other ways.

● You can sharpen your strength by focusing on all and grow further.

● Identifying your weakness prevents you from entering into wrong career or job.

Should You Work on Strength or Weakness?

Many times, we feel paralyzed to correct our weakness because many things are natural or go inherited from our parents or ancestors. Similarly, changes in fundamental personality aspects are nearly impossible in a short while.

Therefore, the best way is to identify only the weakness which is possible to correct with a short or long-term plan, but it is easy to improve our strengths with infusing positive energy within us.

Psychologically, when we are going to work on weakness improvements, we often go to decline in self-confidence, enthusiasm, and feel somewhat depressed.

When we are focusing on strengths, we are looking at opportunities, not inviting problems.

Therefore, experts suggest you improvement in strength up to 80% and ignore 20% weakness.

What Are Your Strengths?

Many attributes or characteristics, which are comes very easily for you. Table 1 is describing attributes that one should have as the personal strengths, and you can select the most appropriate for you and arrange in a chronological list.

Thus, you can know your personal strengths and leverage them to shape your academic and professional career.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Weaknesses are attributes described in Table 2 that can hold you from achieving good things in your life.

Once you know your weaknesses from the given attributes, you can work on those and mitigate bad consequences in your career as well as personal life.

How to Know Your Strengths & Weakness?

There are many personality development veterans who have formulated various test to identify your strengths and weakness. For instance, RSWAT (RichardStep Strengths and Weakness Aptitude Test) available online and designed with a simple questionnaire to know your score and details.

Similarly, Vitae has produced Research Development Framework (RDF) with sub-themes. So, you can compare your competencies against those sub-themes.

How to Deal with Your Strengths & Weakness?

For interview purpose, you should relate your strength and weakness with your experiences in the past in accordance with the prospective position you are going to apply. Begin your conversation with points of strengths which are nearly 80%. Remember, don’t let only 20% weakness to sabotage you.

It is only possible when you have complete awareness regarding your strengths and weaknesses in your subconscious mind and control over expressions.

● You should ask yourself that in which areas/attributes you are most inspired by or have interest.

● Similarly, ask regarding the weakness attributes that which are scared you the most.

● Find out biases or negativity you have held for the useful areas you have in the table of strengths as well as weakness. Try to remove unnecessary negativity and also try to enjoy the positivity you have for different attributes.

● Turn your weakness into a strength by being positive about it. It is because some strengths and weaknesses are contextual. For example, paying attention to details is good for a developer working on a project where client requirements instructed for it. Otherwise, it proves costly, and the client may reject the prototypes or modules with unnecessary details and features.

● Try to get training regarding improvements in strengths as well as weaknesses from your university, company where you are working, or job portals like Just Norfolk Jobs in the UK. Yep, the leading national & international job portals in the UK and the USA are providing training as well as online courses to overcome your strengths and weaknesses.


We have thoroughly explored that how an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses could propel your academic career at new highs. To overcome weaknesses and leverage strengths, you should be a premium member of Just Norfolk Jobs and alike job portals.

These job boards are focusing on these subjects and others affecting your career. They have enough provisions to guide you to improve the prospects of job seekers in interviews as well as day-to-day professional life.

You can learn thing online as well as with face-to-face meetings with representatives or coaches of Just Norfolk Jobs job portal in the UK.


She is Marketign & PR Executive for Just Norfolk Jobs and has been since October 2017. Manya has a vast amount of HR & Recruitment experience coupled with her local knowledge of the Norfolk & Norwich area.

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