A Freelance Career? Here Are The Best Tip To Follow

Freelancing has always been considered a highly rewarding career and a great way to grow in your Profession. Congratulation! If you have taken the wise decision for your Occupation. Freelancing is a Blooming industry in today’s generation because of the Liberty you get along with the choice. According to CareerBuilder, from 2016 to 2017 alone, the US saw a 47% increase in the number of entrepreneurs who claimed they would be hiring freelancers during the calendar year. A lot of people are getting inclined towards self-employment, due to the increasing awareness and platform of Freelancing.

Freelancing is like a Double edge sword, it has its own positive and negative points, but our research shows that the positive side is more substantial. Being a Freelancer is, as good as being your own Boss. As a Freelancer, you can really have horrifying days as you start taking your steps, but whenever it comes to building career no path will be a Cakewalk. You have to use all Eight Senses when you switch yourself from Corporate to Freelancer, as you have to make a Sound Position and catch all the Clients with the Project.

Here, are the 12 tips to give a Kickstart as a Freelancer,


After you decide to be a Self-employed freelancer, Marketing plays a vital role in building your profile. Try spreading about your choice, among the clients who have already seen your work. Prepare your strategy which will be beneficial for Online as well as Offline Clients, Promote yourself as a Multi-Talented. Don’t restrict your choice in the Projects. Let the meetings go Warm and Healthy, Don’t make it formal with the Clients and the Clients who are not around to give you a Project, get in a personal touch with them. So, you know the next Project is yours. You can also start writing blogs and start highlighting ups and downs in your occupation, that’s an innovation of contacting with your followers.


Don’t consider Freelancing as a Profession, treat it more like a Business. This is where the majority crowd loses their Client when they expect the clients to appear magically. Everyday prepare some targets and strategies to attract the Projects. Don’t let go a single moment to market yourself or promote your skills. Specialize yourself in a different sector, which will make the right combination. Build a strong Profile and Portfolio in the following sector, upload the following on the website such as womenfreelancer.com, and watch the traffic increase on your profile.


Have you ever heard someone returning something that they got for free? Well, I haven’t and so I expect that you haven’t. This is one of the Marketing strategies that you can use to make a strong Portfolio as a New Freelancer to stand in the Competition. Clients would approach the Freelancer who is providing them with Quality work for free and when they approach again, they know it’s worth paying you the amount as they have already seen your work. In this process, it’s entirely in your hand to hold the client for a long term or short term. It’s wholly your responsibility.


It’s okay! Rejection is a part of the Journey. Don’t be disappointed even if you are rejecting more than thrice, learn from your mistakes and come again with better skills and a stronger profile. A freelancer journey is incomplete without the rejection. As a freelancer, works with multiple clients at the same time, it gets difficult to manage them and sometimes the budget of the client also changes. There are ups and downs with the client as well, so rejections are fine.


A freelancer is judged by the number of skills they introduce in the profile. A freelancer should enhance all the skills that is directly related to their Profession. It makes easy for a client to judge and you create a possibility for getting shortlisted, also increase the invitation for more Projects. Don’t forget to tell them which skill helped you when, how you got on some project and when any of your skills made you feel motivated. The whole career building is dependent on what they present and how they present.


Remember, when you start Freelancing “NO” should be your new Best Friend. You have to set some ground rules as you decide to convert yourself into a Freelancer. You have to sort down various Profession you are really good at and finalize 2-3 which would be perfect for you. Choose something which would give happiness and not a burden, any projects outside the circle should be rejected well even if that’s your First project. There is no harm in saying a “NO” if the project doesn’t belong to the list you made, there are other million projects that you can put your eye on.


As we told you before, it is not necessary to be over-formal with your clients. You can have a causal relationship with the client, where you can be clear with your terms and condition. You can be clear with your working hours because if you work for 80 hours a week, then you will run yourself into the ground. If you are not comfortable with some part of the project then you should state it, when you are reviewing the project.


Always be protective about your payment, because sometimes you may come across people who don’t like to loosen their hand when it comes to doing the payment. It is advisable to get a down payment before you start your project as a security money and the rest when the project is completed. Make sure you clear this part in the Meetings or Conversation before starting to work.


A paperwork will have any day more impact than a verbal conversation. It is highly recommended to sign a contract with all the terms and conditions mentioned before. You can also add the figures you got ready to work for and the date you would receive your payment. For being bias with the client add the closing date of the project and this will also help you to be organized about your work.


For all the project you have completed, don’t forget to take the review for them. Make sure you publish them on your profile, so it can be a good influence on the people coming for the first time on your profile. This will help you create the first impression to the people visiting first time to your profile and will also help you portrait the work pattern and your commitment to the deadline.


A Portfolio is a summary of all the projects that you have been doing from the First project. You have to build a portfolio strong enough to compete for the increasing population of the freelancing world. A portfolio should contain all the skills, rewards and awards that you have achieved. There should be a graph of improvement reflecting when someone comes across your portfolio.


As a Freelancer, it is essential to be socially active and sniff around the new projects in the Market. Start involving in the communities of the Freelancer, start joining various platforms, and register yourself with various groups of a freelancer. Being a freelancer also helps you to get a lot of time to find projects for yourself.


Freelancing is a really great opportunity to switch. Some platforms become the mediator and take the care of commitment, payment, and frauds. Recently, I came across a portal WomenFreelancer.com, this portal is specially designed to empower women and it is an entirely Female oriented website. For all the ladies out there this can be worth your time.

Rupika Pathak, the co-founder of three startups, is specialized in building a dynamic content strategy, her success lies within her originality and hands-on experience in editing and writing (especially prose). She is the Content Marketing Manager at WomenFreelancer – A global Platform for women Freelancer and creating opportunities for women professionals to be able to work from home at their convenience. Rupika Pathak lives in Mumbai and loves her early morning filter coffee, sea-gazing and writing poetry.

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