Step By Step Outsourcing Hiring Process Guide [Update]

As one of the leading Outsourcing Hiring Process in India, we clearly understand what is actually going into your head. In this article, we’ll be educating you about recruitment process outsourcing benefits and challenges that most of the organization faces regarding manpower. Our globe is constantly changing and evolving with the latest technology and approach. In the midst of all these, it has become extremely important for an organization to focus on growth, goals and objective constantly. This is necessary to stay ahead in competition, but unlikely to achieve as an organization requires right manpower at the right time.

Major Challenges to Manpower Planning

Talking about the employee challenges in the workplace, it is hardly difficult to retain and train the best employee. People come and go because of several reasons, but this certainly impact on the productivity of the organization. To place the best talent in the right position, organizations do seek for professional HR outsourcing in India for short and long term project. This helps them in several cases such as:

1. Finding Qualified Employees

Majority of companies demand the workforce instantly and any performance gap directly impacts the productivity. The reason could be anything like either they had fired somebody or people have retired/ left the organization. What-so-ever the case is, it needs an immediate action.

2. Make Sure A Resume Is Legitimate

The process of Hiring is time consuming and recruiters don’t even have time to research on a potential employee resume thoroughly. Through outsourcing the hiring procedure, one can reduce the scenarios of fake resumes. This ensures that only legitimate people are put in front.

3. Find Right Person For Job

An electrical technician cannot work in the position of a doctor. No matter what the vacant position is, there must be a qualified and certified candidate as per area of expertise. This results in authentic and professional achievement of task. Dealing with a hundred or thousand of resume requires consistent evaluation so better outsource for good reason.

4. Planning The Interview Process For A Job

This involves predefining the structure of the interview that contains parameters and process. Parameter includes the limitation and constraints to apply for specific jobs (like qualification, experience, skills) whereas process includes a series of round (could be telephonic, examination and face to face interview).

5. Hiring The Best Talent

At the end of the day, it’s still a hard choice to make which one to choose. The cost of getting stuck with the wrong person is higher than the cost of not recruiting. Outsourcing the recruitment lends a hand to specialized experts that helps in getting the best one out of the pool.

Other than all these, getting help of an outsider helps in retaining good employees inside organization.

How Does Recruitment Process Outsourcing Work?

Since now that you have understood the seriousness of outsourcing HR, it’s time for you to enroll and share your manpower requirement. The methods undertake by experts at us includes:

1. Finding out vacant position
2. Understanding the manpower requirement
3. Defining the sources to recruit to get high quality candidates
4. Recruiting the best candidate for desired job
5. Regular Analysis of performance

This results in the better attainment of employees at desired job.

Benefits Of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Every organization needs a skilled employee to accomplish daily and organization task. The RPO reduces the burden of manager from traditional hiring process and defines the best possible tactic to get the best of the nests.

1. Perfect solution to meet manpower need
2. Screening and Choosing best candidates
3. Reduces Cost of Hiring
4. Scalable approach to meet manpower need for short and long term project
5. Reduces time to fill vacant position
6. Grabbing best possible candidate from right source
7. Accurate reporting for prompt decision making
8. Excellent compliance and regulation

Through all these, one can ensure that inside organization, there’ll be an encouraging workforce environment and each task will be achieved on time. This is something that the majority of international companies do because no one has a time to meet ongoing demand of the vacant position. Outsourcing reduces the strain and help managers to increase output from each employee.


Myself Prateek Yadav and I’m working in a Hr Consultancy firm for almost 4 years. Most of the blogs posted by me are of extensive research and analyzed on daily basis. The experienced I gain in this field has made me encounter some of the great methods that I’ll like to enlighten.

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