Effective Tips to Handle Negative Thoughts at Work

No matter you have a successful career in terms of rewards and achievements; there are still moments when you will have negative thoughts related to your job, your team members and even your own engagement for the role.

Mostly, it is seen that people look new work with the negative attitude like it is too difficult and I can’t work on this, I have no prior experience of handling projects independently.  This sort of questions often comes to the mind.

They are mostly natural reactions to problems but can lead to serious issues which will not only affect your health but also the company’s productivity.

The stress of any kind in the job is affecting employees and organizations adversely. Around 60 to 80% of accidents in the workplace are because of stress. So, how to combat negative thoughts before it rises or turns to serious stress issues costing employees and financial damage?

How to fight with negative thoughts at work?

Your job can be exciting or full of challenges, but it totally depends on how you respond to negative emotions or setbacks at work.

Susan David, a famous psychologist give emphasis on cultivating emotional agility. By working on your emotional agility, you can react to negativity in a more daring way. When any negative thought arises in your mind, you can tackle with these thoughts as being unhelpful and you can face them or challenge them.

Once you have recognized that insecurity or hopelessness you might be observing isn’t going to be fruitful, you can respond to them with the right approach.

One of the best ways to deal with the negative feelings is by motivating yourself to attain new goals. Workplace frustration can be bounced back by following active life. Take a deep breath or chant positive mantra to respond to the problem in an effective way. Another method that can be beneficial is to work on visualization. This will help in activating positive vibes.

Penning down your emotions can be a wonderful exercise to remove negativity.    In these situations, your inner strengths can help in overcoming your weaknesses.  Negative emotions always affect your work so fight back instead of inviting these obstacles.  All these practices will help you to respond in a better way in hard times at work.

Here are effective tips to build constructive thoughts

Recognize negative emotions and challenge them

Identify your negative thoughts as it can distract you from your tasks and reduce your efficiency. You must try to re-orient your thoughts though it’s not so easy.

Get motivation from the past incidents

Instead of constantly thinking of negative aspects, try to do things in a right way and look it as an opportunity to boost fresh energy.

Focus on healthy mind

Another way to stay positive is focusing on body rather than mind when you are troubled by negative thoughts. Sitting idle won’t help, go for walk, and this will definitely reduce stress.  You can also try breathing exercises and meditations to develop your emotional agility and maintain high spirits at the workplace.

Create positive environment

It basically depends on our perception and if we think positive, it makes us more productive.  Constructive thoughts create a positive environment and help in improving your performance at work.

Think as an advisor

It is quite easy to counsel someone or giving advice in times of distress. When we are not emotionally involved, we evaluate circumstances in a better way and look the things with different perspective.  So what are you waiting for?  Become your own mentor and advice yourself to create a constructive mindset.


Once negative thoughts are accumulated in your mind, it would be difficult for you to eliminate. A systematic approach can help in dealing with it. Some negative thoughts might actually disturb you the moment you reach your workplace.  Just monitor all of them and try to find a solution that will help you in dealing with these difficult situations. Some of the negative thoughts at the workplace should be addressed and some must be avoided.  It is difficult to stay positive when you sense negative thoughts around you. Instead of blaming yourself regulate your emotions and be a positive role model.


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