How To Identify That You Are Hiring The Wrong Candidate?

Creating bigger issues

No company wishes to recruit the wrong candidate for a job. It is not because they will have to look for a replacement but they also affect business in different ways. A wrong person can drain your time and money and you’ll be finding ways to engage them in some way.

Rather than reassigning the employees, you would have to work diligently to make them fit for the company by giving them training. However, the employee can become a good resource for your organization but there are chances that they quit.

While your company is spending money and trying to develop skills and retrain the new staff, your business may suffer. The chances of personality clashes may arise between the existing and the new employee.

A survey conducted by Robert Half International on chief financial officers reveals that 39% of them said that wrong hiring had affected productivity whereas 11% reported fewer sales. It also evaluated that 17% of the supervisor’s time goes in managing low performing workforce.

Don’t overlook the warning signs

U.S. Department of Labor estimated that cost of a wrong hire would be around 30% of employee’s first-year salaries.   41% of HR managers accepted that the wrong hire can cost thousands of dollars.  Not only they affect productivity, but the bad hires are a financial burden as you’re paying a salary and even providing additional training to meet your expectations.  Severance pay can be an extra load and you’ll end up with conducting a new employee search and recruiting another replacement.

When you are focusing on new wrong hire and spending more time to increase their efficiency, the rest of the employees at the workplace may start taking otherwise and get disappointed or detached.

Robert Half International survey shows that 95% of financial executives express that making wrong hiring greatly influence morale of the employees.  There are many cases when the wrong candidate doesn’t mingle with other employees.

In modern business, transparency is given due respect and employees are provided all needful information so it is easy for them to find what is or isn’t in the favour of the company.

Depending upon the employee’s reviews, if you have hired the wrong candidate, you are responsible for monitoring his or her work activities and making sure that the bad hire is not creating difficulties for rest of the team.

Seeing the problem associated with recruiting a wrong hire, it is better to confirm that you are hiring the right talent next time. You can plan out what your business requires to work on and pay attention to see the behavioural aspects of the candidates during the interview process.

How would you deal with this situation?

Today, almost all companies have HR departments to find best talents for the job. But it is critical to identify the best candidate than you think.  Recruitment consultants are experienced enough and have necessary skills to choose the right person for your company.

Often, hiring expert can be influenced by the positive first impression. But once you have made recruitment, you realize that you have made mistake. It is not that companies don’t make hiring mistakes but rather than recruiting in haste, you must make sure that your hiring process is up to the mark.

A job posting on online job portal can draw the attention of plenty of applicants. But, it will make the whole process more difficult as you are targeting jobs seekers who are actively searching for opportunities. The best choice for your company may be someone who is employed and swayed to move on for the right prospects.

Best way to overcome hiring problem is to target your job postings at specific interest groups by seeking referrals. Also, see that your job description speaks about the role and responsibilities. Don’t make hasty decisions and take your time while recruiting a new employee.

Think carefully, screen potential candidate during the interview stage and not forget to follow up references.  Ask candidate situation based questions and let them demonstrate their knowledge. Encourage them to ask pertinent questions.

Lastly, there is no method as such to eliminate hiring of the wrong candidate. But your insight, intuition, and observation can help in choosing the right person for any job.  The first appearance cannot help in determining their personality, job ability, work history or perfection in every other way.


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