Important Things Interviewer Looks For In A Job Interview

Most of the reputed recruitment firms would like to hire the best suitable employees to fill up the job vacancies. For the candidates, this task is rather difficult. They have no clue on what to expect from the interviewer. They don’t know what exactly the interviewer is looking for in a job interview. However, the candidates have only one motto, and that is to create a strong presence in the interview session. Only experience, knowledge and skills won’t work that well these days.

They need to figure out if the interview is going pretty well or not. For that, there are some signs, which might help them bag the job. Interviewers have some particular points, which they generally look for in a proper candidate. Once you are sure of those points, attracting interviewers towards your side won’t be a tough call.

Answering The Questions Properly:

Did you answer the questions properly as asked by the interviewer? Preparing for interview way ahead of time is quite important.

  • You have to spend a lot of time looking for the common questions which interviewers are known to ask. Just like the questions, be sure to check on the most prominent answers. Create your own unique answer to present something a bit difficult from what they usually hear.
  • It is always important to listen to the question as a whole and then respond naturally. In case you jump right ahead to practice answer in head while interviewer is talking to you, that will be a biggest turn off.
  • It is always important to be controversial. It can help you better to connect with interviewer better and help you answer your question naturally.

Your Body Language Matters A Lot:

Are you currently slouching in front of the interviewer? Relaxing is good, but that does not mean you have to slouch.

  • It is most important to sit up straight in the most professional manner possible. Your sitting posture should look natural and not uncomfortable.
  • Remember to be aware of the fidgets or any kind of extraneous body movements, which might distract the interviewer from words.
  • And the most important part is to add a warm smile on your face as your speak. Even if the question is tough, don’t show it through your expression. The interviewers are testing you through their questions. Don’t give them the benefit of doubt.

Eye Contact Is Yet Another Positive Statement:

For most of the candidates, this is tough, but making a positive eye contact can easily help you bag the job you have come for.

  • It is always important to look right into the interviewer’s eyes when you speak. That shows the level of confidence you have.
  • If your eyes keep darting around rooms, it means you are looking bored or even uneasy in your answers.
  • Avoid overdoing it with your smile or staring. You are not creating a staring content over here. So, be very cautious with your eye contact.

Show Your Real Self:

When interviewers Hire Suitable Employees in India they are always looking for the real candidate and not any mask. Being in front of an interviewer is like being in front of a doctor or lawyer. You have to tell everything in details and truthfully to avoid creating any work related confusion later.

  • Whether you are using any canned answer or going for the spontaneous ones, you need to say the truth.
  • You need to spill out the beans which will help interviewer to know the real self. It will help them to make the right decision and choose you for your honesty.
  • Whatever you will show the interviewer, he or she will see it. So, it is mandatory for you to say the truth about yourself and your experience to bag the best job in town.

You Have To Understand The Job!

This is the most promising point which interviewer looks for. The candidate should understand the job very well for which he or she is applying. The interviewer has the power to ask multiple questions and cross-check to see if you actually know about the job or not.

  • So, before you head for the one on one call, be sure to check out the job application well.
  • Go through the job role and be true to yourself on whether you can take it down or not.

Once you are sure of your capability, going for the job interview is just a piece of cake! You will not just make the interviewer happy, but will eventually bag the job as well and easily.


I’m Sunil Teotia, an experienced person dedicated to HR industry only. Blogging is my side passion that helps me to come up with latest finding and research as per my thoughts & experience in this high yielding field. For more blog from TridIndia HR JOBS, follow us on Twitter @tridindiahrjobs and on Facebook at

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