Some Warning Signs To Look For While Interviewing Candidates

While trying to hire a new employee, you have to go through rounds of interviews. But, you cannot just rely on your guts completely. There are some red flags available, which will prevent you from choosing an employee for your firm. Right now, the time is rather tight. When senior personnel from your firm choose to leave your place, you need to fill up the vacancy immediately. If you fail to do so, that will hamper your entire working operation for sure. With so many resumes by you side, it might be tempting to go for a candidate without judging. But, you have to be sure as you are investing a lot of money while hiring one candidate. So, be sure to be aware of the red flags, which will prevent recruiters from wasting time and money on unwanted candidates.

1. If The Candidate Is Big On Adjective But Failed To Back Up:

You might have some basic question formats in your mind, which you plan to ask the candidate. One such basic question is to ask about his or her strength. The most common answer which a candidate might offer is dependable and hard working.

● Well, don’t just end your conversation here and press him hard. Ask him if he works harder than peers.

● Be sure to listen to the ways he answer your question. You need to get the details out of him.

● Never rely on him unless he is able to show you some proof of results. Some of those proofs are lower supportive call rates, fewer bug reports and more.

● If the candidate fails to come up with any answer to that, then it means his words are hollow and meaningless.

2. Taking Candidates By Surprise:

You need to take your candidates by surprise. Ask him what sets him apart from the other candidates, waiting outside their rounds. Well, there are chances that the candidate might stare at you blankly. On the other hand, a well–prepared personality is able to anticipate your questions well and this particular one won’t throw her off.

She will be able to describe her unique strengths to you in the most positive tone. Moreover, she will be able to back up her descriptions with examples, which will prove that she is best for your job post. Once you find those answers from your candidate, you know the right steps to take in this regard.

3. Won’t Admit To Areas Of Improvement:

Fake candidates always hold a shield of being over smart. He or she will never admit that there are any chances of them to improve. If you ever come across any such candidate who claims to be a perfectionist, then bombard him or her with sets of questions.

● The more strongly you are going to ask them questions, the better you will be able to understand their weaknesses on time.

● Some candidates have more experience and some less, but no one is perfect. A reliable candidate will tell the truth and will admit if he or she needs to improve in some sphere of work life.

● It is mandatory for you to look for candidates who are willing to admit their flaws. When they Submit Your Resume for Jobs they won’t mention those flaws in the resume. It is something to be discussed face to face and that’s what you get from the candidate here.

4. If The Candidate Fails To Articulate His Thoughts:

There are some candidates who would “really want to work with your firm.” But unfortunately, he fails to articulate his thoughts and prove his points. It means they are just trying to impress the recruiters and don’t mean anything they say.

If you ever come across any such candidate then chances are more than you might want to reject their resume right then and there. A candidate with passion is what you want and passion comes from within. A reliable recruiter will be able to get that passion note through experience for sure.

Go For More Than One Round:

To understand a candidate better, it is minatory to head for more than one interview round. Once you have selected few candidates from the initial rounds, it is time for the next sets of interviews. With every new set of interviews, the questions will turn out to be harder than before and trickier. A reliable candidate will be able to keep his or her cool throughout all the interview rounds and will eventually bag the job. This will further help recruiters to make the right choice lately.


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