Top Most Common Interview Questions and Their Reason to Ask

Getting a dream job is not an easy task, especially if you have to provide precise answers to top most common interview questions for prefect evaluation. Sometimes it gets extremely frustrating, but have you ever wondered why these human resource recruiters prefer to ask these types of queries. Once you’ll get to know, you’ll understand their value proposition and you’ll be able to answer much better next time.

An employer is always prepared to find a suitable candidate for business and you can prepare too. Here are some of the common interview questions for freshers and precise way to answer them.

1. “Tell Me Something About Yourself”

You go to any field or any industrial sector or no matter how many times you have given an interview; you’ll welcome with this kind of question all over the place. Though the majority of people think that candidate resume is enough to say so why ask? But in reality- they got to start with something. The sole purpose of this question is:

• To start a conversation.

• To check your verbal skills.

• To get a strong gist about what you have accomplished so far.

• Understanding your experience and knowledge.

• About your recent exposure and educational qualification.

• Getting a solid representation about you.

The precise mode to answer this is- starting your conversation from present to past. Speak about your current status and achievements first, followed by experience and qualification.

2.“What Are Your Biggest Weakness”

No one in this world is perfect and the person that admits weakness is more enterprising. The reliable manpower outsourcing companies seek for your attitude, behaviors, facial expression and approach to answer. This question tells a lot about a person.

Before approaching to the interviewer, make sure that you do a SWOT analysis of yourself, i.e. finding out the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. This will provide you a proper introduction about yourself and one can come up with a precise answer to provide.

3. “Why We Should Hire You?”

The majority of recruiters ask this because of one common reason and that’s the case when they have plenty of options to choose from. There could be a constraint related to salary, skills, talent, qualification, experience, training and many more. Though, it’s extremely difficult to compare yourself with others because only you know your value. Just understand your passion and commitment that you are ready to bring into the organization.

Start telling them the additional skills you have learned and that can help organization to achieve success. Are you dynamic or not? You goal, as a fresher, should be ready to face any challenge and learn as much possible.

4. “Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?”

Though inside, most of our hearts yell like- because I wanted to and it’s none of your business. But ultimately, you got to provide them a subtle reason or justification.

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There are certain gray areas that you certainly need to avoid such as don’t talk about issues related to your boss or salary or company environment. Instead, talk about the growing opportunity and things that you want to accomplish in your life.

5. “How Other People Describe You?”

It could be related to your friends, family or colleagues. This is actually to test or see your social lifestyle. It provides a glimpse of a person about the current standard of living and the possibility of a person to adapt in the current environment of business.

All we’ll say just be yourself and don’t get too excited because as of our experience, the excitement really creates a worst scenario.

6. “What Performance We Can Expect In 3 Months?”

Ideally, this is something that a recruiter must address to you and the only reason he’s asking you is to test your confidence. This creates a room for your plan and approach that you are willing share with companies. Besides, who know, they might even like your idea.

Simply share your thought, design, suggestion and enthusiasm with a valid point that adds the weightage to your profile.

7. “What Was Your Salary In The Last Job?”

Ok, so this is the tough one and to most of the people that are looking for job change- it’s a full bouncer over the head. This is the part where hiring companies of diverse industries negotiate the salary and people generally get stuck in their desire package and limited packages.

Here’s the thing: the only reason that they like to know about your salary history is to find out whether you are best suited candidate (salary wise) or not. Though it’s none of their business, but try getting at the salary leverage point.

In the end, it’s all about framing the right answer to the above mentioned question and that best part is that you know what you have to say. These will help you to come up with some suitable reply in front of the recruiter and certainly helping to get your dream job.


My name is Neha Sharma and I’ve just started writing about this industry. The practice of Human resource is quite challenging for beginner people like me. Through blogs one can easily educate about the best methods of performing a task.

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