Beginning Tips To Go For Job Hunting When You Are Still Employed

Finding a job when you have nothing to do is something different. And trying to find a new job when you are already employed is a whole new ball game. It is no doubt a tricky proposition. You are always more attractive to the potential employers if you already have a job in your bag. It clearly shows that you have experience in the field and they don’t have to work that hard on you. However, on the other hand, a single false move can easily get you fired from your present job and you may not also get the new job offerings as well. It might sully your reputation in the job market, which you don’t want. So, there are some steps to conduct a perfect job search while you are employed.

Try Exploring Your Present Options

At first, you have to consider why you are planning to leave your current job. You need to explore the options for improving your resent situation where you are currently now. This will help in addressing a level of trust, which otherwise exists between you and your said manager. Avoid going overboard as that won’t help you much.

● You can initiate this conversation with colleagues, but with only those you trust 100%. You have to share this information with someone whose integrity you are sure of.

● You can also talk about your work frustrations to see if that can be changed for good. If not, then you are sure of changing your job to another company.

● If you are planning to move location, try having a conversation with your boss first. The company might want to discuss some remote working option with you, if any. This will prevent you to look for a completely new company for help.

Try Being A Boomerang:

If you have left your previous job on good notes, then you can easily get in touch with them for some new opportunities later.

● During such instances, you may not have to waste much time for on boarding as you are already familiar with the company, its working techniques and even other contributions.

● Companies nowadays are able to rehire old candidates if they are good and if the candidates left their companies on a good note. It helps them to fill up their vacancies fast and don’t have to waste much time on finding newbies. So you can take this opportunity too.

Time Will Be By Your Side:

In case you are planning to land a job when employed, you can always minimize competition for the set roles.  It means you have to get the timing of your job search just right.

● The right time to launch your search happens to be during late summer months after the financial month is way past.

● It means you have enough time in hand and can even opt for half day just to go for a new interview session.

● The number of available roles mostly remains constant during late summer months. So, try taking this opportunity and you will have more information on Current Job Opportunities in India for sure.

Keep Job Hunt Down Low:

It is not always a smart decision to lie to your boss. But, it might prove to be of necessary evil if trying to hold onto your present job. Some companies have this policy to let their employees go if they are looking for new job. So, make sure to keep your job hunt on a low.

● It might prove to be rather a messy situation if the company let you go even when you don’t have a job in hand.

● In general, it is always a clever idea to keep your job hunt on low. Even if you trust your boss, don’t just share such critical notes with him or her.

● Even a single misstep from your co-worker can lead you down the drain. So, keep your job hunting idea to yourself and avoid sharing with your co-worker as well.

Avoid Using Company’s Resources:

You have to make this call to a new job opening and you thought of calling from your company’s phone. That’s the biggest mistake you can ever make. Companies are always keeping a track of their resources and will definitely spot the call once you are done with it, and your secret will be out! As you don’t want that to happen, avoid using company’s resources. Not just phone but don’t use company’s car to drive to your new business location. That’s the last thing you ever want.

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