We are looking for Injection moulds Development Engineer who will check the Moulds development quality, trialed samples Quality test. The Engineer will be well capable to troubleshoot the tooling and molding challenges.


Candidate Profile

●     The candidates should have good experience in creating basic part designs on CAD (Unigraphics software / VISI Cad)

●     Must be experienced in generating the Dimensional Inspection reports of mould trialed parts.

●     Must be experienced in making the professional PPT Presentations for the mould trial samples for Visual inspection of the parts Such as sink marks, flashes, deformations, flow marks etc.

●     The Candidate must be experienced in automotive industry for generating dimensional inspection reports with different process of inspection for example verniercalliper, profile projectors, gauges etc.

●     The candidate must be experienced handling the mould trials on injection moulding machine of the capacity of 350-3000 Tons.

●     Experience: min. 8 Years

●     Must have good English speaking and writing skills.

●     Should be a qualified Mould engineering Diploma from CIPET / TRTC / GTTC etc.

●     Should be honest very important


Job Responsibilities

1.    The engineer will be responsible for generating the Inspection reports (Visual and Dimensional both) for all the moulds trialed parts with in the Turnaround Time.

2.    The engineer will be responsible to obtain the 100% quality samples with in 2-3 mould trials and dispatch the moulds by following mould quality check lists.

3.    The engineer will be responsible for checking the moulds quality and moulding parameters and resolve the issues.

4.    The engineer will be reporting on a daily basis to operation head regarding day to day activities. He will be Coordinate with Indian engineering team to understand the client feedback.

5.    The Engineer will be responsible to coordinate with our tool making suppliers for the following matters.

a.    Preparing Feedbacks of Trialed samples on a regular basis.

b.    Aligning the modification time required and informing to base office in India

c.    Witness the mould trials and generate the trials feedbacks

d.    Monitor the mould trials and make notes for the Moulding machines parameters.

e.    Check the mould quality and generate the feedback.

f.     Get the moulds ready for the shipment as per JIG Protocol and prepare the feedback.

6.    The engineer will be inspecting and witnessing the mould trials and troubleshoot the challenges and problems for the moulding capacity of 350-3000 Tons

7.    The engineer will check and audit the moulding machine parameters at the time of mould trials.


Experience Reqd.: min. 8 yrs

Salary: negotiable for deserving candidate

Job Location: Kirti Nagar Indust. Area, New Delhi

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