Freelancing vs. Normal Job: Pros & Cons You Should Know!

Hold on! You too are welcome in the ongoing debate. Whether you check social media forums or you check different blogs, people are fighting over this one thing “freelancing is the best or the normal full-time job.” We are aware of the thousands of questions that are arising in your mind right now. Proper consultation is the only thing that can solve your this problem.

We are your companion

You don’t need to go out to get the proper consultation. Consider us your partner in concluding the debate. In the university days, you must have hired the services of a freelancer to complete your university projects. On one front it is a cost-effective way of getting the job done on the other hand the risk is always there. If some dispute occurs between you and freelancer and he leaves the job half-done, you will bear the worst consequences. Here, you can conclude that a freelancer is in charge of his work. If he doesn’t want to do it, he can leave you in the middle of nowhere. While someone who is doing a full-time job is assigned to do some work, he will complete it at any cost. He can’t say no to it; either can’t leave you in the middle. That was just a glance, let’s do the thorough analysis.

Pros Of Freelancing

After collecting the information from freelancers and full-time employees, we have jotted down the pros of working as a freelancer.

  • Flexibility In Work

Setting your own schedule is the main advantage that you get. You don’t have to follow the norm of 9 to 5 job. In short, you are in the full charge of your work. Set your own working time and start completing your project. You are not answerable to anyone regarding the timeframe you are choosing to work.

Freelancers have a precise idea of when they are more productive; some are productive in the afternoon, some prefer working at night. You can choose the time you want to work.

  • You Are Your Boss

Since you are in charge of all the things, you don’t need to answer to anyone. People get frustrated when they have to explain to their boss for each and everything. Do you want to go for a vacation? You can! You don’t need to take permission from anyone. Neither have you had to worry about the acceptance of your vacation application. Just pause the project, tell your client and go for a vacation.

  • Jackpots!

In the fixed salary system, your company pays you for the regular work you do. In the freelancing, if you catch a big fish, you get the real benefits. How wonderful it sounds to keep the whole amount in your pocket! Well, that’s what you get to experience in the freelancing world.

Cons Of Freelancing

With the advantages there are few downsides of freelancing as well;

  • Interaction Issues

Though the flexibility in working time is the main thing that diverts the attention of people who do the full-time job, there are some things which people are unaware of. Loneliness is the major downside of freelancing. A mortal needs to interact with other people. In the freelancing cosmos, you are your boss and you don’t get to interact with others.

The isolation mode makes you understand the importance of interaction here. This problem only gets solved when you make a team of freelancers and hit the projects together.

  • Shortage Of Money Issues

In the fulltime job, you go to the office and at the end of the month, you get paid a fixed amount of salary. In freelancing, you get paid once the project is completed. Though the amount you get is higher than what you get on a fixed salary job, still sometimes you run short of money that time you think about the advantages of getting a fixed salary.

  • No Structure

The flexibility of work is a good thing but the unstructured days is the issue. At the office, you have to follow a particular code of conduct and you are assigned tasks that need to get done within a day. Here you are making the schedule and it is upto you to stick to it or not. The lack of focus on one thing at a particular time leads to work-related severe problems.

  • Full-Time Job; Pros and Cons

In the cosmos where people seek to become a digital nomad, few mortals want to stick to the full-time job. We have taken opinions of those individuals who are doing a full-time job and prepared the point accordingly. Let’s have a look at it

Pros of Full-Time Job

Advantages of full-time jobs are;

  • Fixed Salary System

According to the full-time employees, the fixed salary system is something that motivates them to stick to what they are doing. Working on a full-time job means you don’t have to face the problem of fluctuation in earning. On a fixed amount job, your fixed salary get credit every month in your bank account. Moreover, there are companies that aware of the performance as well. You get to enjoy the perks if you perform well at work.

  • Paid Leaves

On a full-time job, you receive the sick leaves, casual leaves and annual leaves. The good thing is that all of these leaves are paid. In freelancing, you don’t get to enjoy this thing. If you fall sick, your client won’t pay you for that day. Even, you can’t expect your employer to pay you if you have something to do and you take a day’s leaf. Without the fear of losing money, you can take sanctioned leaves.

  • Your Career Graph Boosts

When you work as a full-time employee, your performance gets noticed and according to your performance you get the rewards. Higher chance of growth is the best advantage you get. You have a plethora of opportunities; it is upto you, how do you cash it. When you are loyal to your work, the company provides you with different promotions so that you have an extended stay there.

Cons of A Full-Time Job

With the pros, there are few cons of the full-time job.

  • Monotonous In Tasks

You feel paralyzed when you are given the same work to do again and again. Sitting on the same seat every day, doing the same tasks every day makes you feel exhausted. Sometimes employees think about switching their job to taste the change. You don’t get to explore your capabilities in the 9 to 5 job as you are bound to complete the same tasks everyday.

  • You Don’t Get To Explore Yourself

You are given a cubicle; you have a to-do list, now start working like a machine. So true, this is what expected of an employee. When you get hired, you are assigned some roles and responsibilities which you have to fulfill. We all have different abilities, but we don’t get time to explore our hidden talent. Many times people are unaware of what they are passionate for. Discovering about your passion is the best thing. Once a person gets to know his passion, he can ace in that field. But, when you are not given a chance to explore your talent, you fail to reach beyond your potential.

  • Finding Another Job Gets Difficult

People have a terrible habit of not leaving their comfort zones. Once they get hired, they feel afraid to take a chance and switching the job. Sometimes the burden of responsibilities frighten you and you fail to take a chance.  When you limit yourself, it gets troublesome for you to finding another job if you start disliking your work or when the disputes occur between you and your company. In such a case, people lose their motivation and get afraid to take a risk as a result of which they stick to what they regularly do.

Final Verdict

Not everyone prefers working as a freelancer, similarly not everyone supports the regular 9 to 5 job. It depends on the mortal’s choice. Those who are working as a freelancer consider 9 to 5 job quite dull while those who are on the full-time job consider freelancing as an unstable way of earning. They call it a roller coaster ride which doesn’t give you any direction.

Both freelancing & full-time job has its pros and cons. The decision is in your hand now, you can go for what suits you best.


 Zoe Lucas is a freelance blogger who loves to write in different niches, Currently working as a web editor at Call Me Loco!

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