How Do Job Posting Sites Make Money And What Are Their Services?

While searching the internet, you might come across so many job posting sites. They are inviting more employers and employees to establish a stronger job based relationship. But, they are actually working as free job posting sites. It means they are not asking for money from the recruiters or even from the employees when they are establishing such a strong job hold. Now, this seems to add a significant question in your mind. How do these sites making money then? Well, even though most of these sites will offer services free of cost, but there are some individual tricks involved. For some particular services, they will charge employers few bucks. The amount is rather minimal and worth an investment.

Two Kinds Of Sections:

Most of the job posting sites has practically two major sections. Each section has its own group of people and features involved. So, it is mandatory to learn about the sections first to gain a suitable idea about the job posting sites.

● One is known to be an employee section. Here, you are going to join as free member and even get to upload professional resume. After that, you can start searching for the jobs you like and also like resume on his portal.

● The second important part of the website happens to be the employer section. In this regard, the employers are going to search for the best employees, who they are going to hire. The hiring practice is based on experience, professional skills and more.

Most Of Them Make Money From Employers:

Most of the time, the reliable job posting sites will make money from employers. They will only allot a charge after finding bulk employees database for the company. If you ask them to find few members or a single employee for your vacancy, then they might not charge you any. Some of the other companies are going to sell you various services, which you can opt for as an employer, especially while searching for talented individuals.

Selling Some Services To You:

Before you head for the best jot portal to look for your employees, it is mandatory to check out more on the services, as procured from the same portal source. Once you are sure of the services, you know if selecting this job portal is the best option to take.

1. Advertising Your Job:

Your company has a job opening and you need to advertise for the vacant spot. During such instances, contact these portals and they will list your opening on sidebar or their homepage. It helps in presenting you with huge visitor’s views.

● You can easily list job opening on various categories with multiple options. These firms will offer you with job listings within 30 to 60 days. Depending on the city or number of jobs, the prices are subject to change.

● On the other hand, if you are looking to post for attracting global audience towards your job vacancies, then Free Job Posting sites for Recruiters may sometimes charge you few bucks and should not always be completely free.

● It is not always mandatory to pay a price. It also depends on the foreign country you are planning to target.

2. Resume Based Search:

In this regard, the employer can get the opportunity to search various results and compare those before contacting job applicants directly. If you ever go for job posting option, you might get applications ranging from various options and it can also be untargeted. But after selecting the resume search option, you get to select targeted candidates within your criteria like experience, age, technical knowledge, career background and more.

3. Email Based Newsletters:

Some of the job companies will have bigger email databases of applicants. So, if your company has bigger openers, you are asked to contact these job posting sites for help. They are able to send emails to all applicants for meeting at interview location. This will help you to receive audience at location.

Depending on your requirements and the types of employees you are looking for, the services are subject to change. However, it is always important to check out for the best job posting sites to get candidates with thorough background check.

Easy Way To Get Candidates:

Whether you have a single job opening or multiple ones, you can get your vacancies fulfilled in no time through these sites. Just be sure to check the working credentials of the sites and then get to choose the one you like the most first.


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